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I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
An echo from another time, another place.
Michael Faudet 
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Open Invitation by Michael Faudet


Open Invitation by Michael Faudet

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Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)


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irawrxx3 sent: KPOP <3 eheh I love your blog ;)

Thank you!

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talented-penguin sent: In a scale from 1 to LilyPichu, how much pervert do you think you're?


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zothan sent: I wish I could watch you stream but my family is always dragging me around O^O

Aw thank you! I appreciate that you want to :)

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I solved one of life’s mysteries

Tonight I figured out why my audio always randomly mutes. It’s because when I settle my headphones down, I hit a key on the keyboard that mutes my audio. Wow. Good job wendy.

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Caitlyns! | Mirum [pixiv] 


Caitlyns! | Mirum [pixiv] 

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Finished clannad after story in 2 days P: ~ cried too much.